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"I've always loved exploring the dark and shadowy things most people are afraid to see--let alone admit are there." ~ Adriana

Adriana hails from a small town where unpredictable weather and inspiring locals abound. When she's not busy writing, she enjoys interacting with her readers, spending time with her family, or sharpening her culinary skills. She's also been known to lurk on various social media outlets, where she lures unsuspecting followers into her snare. 

A self-described typical Gemini, she dabbles in a wide variety of  fiction, but harbors a deep love for all things dark and horror. Her short story  "Bittersweet" secured Best Love/Romance of the year in 2009, "Philomena"  won the title of Best Short Horror/Scary in 2010, and in 2012 "Red" won Best Horror/Scary as well as Best Short Story of the year through Writing.com's annual Quill  Awards.

Adriana has worked with Wynwidyn to publish her novel Requiem: Book of the Fallen.

~Carrie Rogers~

Carrie Rogers is a paranormal author that can be found socalizing with vampires, brewing spells in Salem and surfing in Florida.

Okay, maybe she should keep her imagination focused on writing. In reality she Calls Jackson, Michigan home, where she lives with her four children and loving husband. She devotes her time to her family and friends, all the while cooking up the next big story she has planned.

She can be found writing her heart out, making her characters come to life on each and every page. She loves to research her next big story, whether it be witches, vampires, werewolves or deities. When she's not writing, she can be found poking around garage sales, talking on the phone, plotting her next novel, or hanging out with her kids.

Carrie has worked with Wyndwidyn to publish her novel Twisting Fate.

~Mara McBain~

Mara McBain grew up in rural Indiana where she still lives with her husband of twenty odd years and their teenage son. She worked in the insurance industry for the past nine years, dreaming of the day her hours in front of the computer could all be a literary pursuit. That day has finally come! After turning in her resignation at the beginning of the month, Mara woke up July 15th 2013, made some cappuccino and wandered to her Author Cave in her pajamas for her first day as a full-time writer! It was a dream come true. ♥

This is an exciting crossroads in her life and career. Though reading and writing has long been a passion, it wasn't until 2010 that she found the guts to look into sharing her work with the world. Initially dipping her toes in the anthology market with her short stories, success made her decide to dream big and finish her novel. Wynwidyn Press and Amazon's KDP provided the perfect outlets and CLUB JUSTICE was released in March of 2012 with it's follow-up CLUB TIES joining it in December!

Since then she has been working on a multitude of projects. McCADE'S WAY, a mail-order bride romance set in the Great Depression, released to strong sales March 23, 2013. Most recently she finished a contemporary romance, SOUTHERN EDEN,  which released on Kindle September 2, 2013! The paperback will follow shortly. And now she is hard at work on the third book in The Trinity Falls Series, CLUB SCARS! Watch for cover art, excerpts, and release dates to come!

Mara has worked with Wynwidyn Press to publish Club Justice, Club Ties, Mc Cade's Way and shortly, both Southern Eden and Club Scars.

~Peggy Grigowski~


"I enjoyed storytelling and writing little poems and stories. Donít know why I tucked them away, I just did. " - Peggy

Adopted within her biological family, Peggy had an interesting and loving childhood. She came to love writing when her teacher forced her to write a poem for a school newspaper, one which eventually won the hearts of the school and awarded her. From that day forward, she wrote, and wrote.

Peggy lives with her husband; Gary and their little dogs Maggie and Polly. She has two grown boys, two grown stepchildren and four (not grown up yet) grandchildren. 

She loves to work in the gardens around her yard and also enjoys the outdoors, the ocean, traveling, photography, staying healthy, and reading but mostly... she loves to write!

Award-Winning Peggy has worked with Wyndwidyn to publish her children's chapter book Anna Meets the Sock Stealer.

~Robin Moyer~

robin"There is a fathomless space of no boundaries, 
a well of un-sprung thoughts that exists inside each of us." - Robin

CEO and Founder of Wyndwidyn Press, Robin is a Michigan author that lives for the written word. She's been writing since she was small, and imagining since before that, and can't imagine how it is to not write.

She writes both adult and children's fiction, as well as poetry and non-fiction. Most well know is her Alyndoria series, fantastical children's novels with a penchant for dragons and other mythical beasts, which have earned her a Quill Award in Children's Literature. She enjoys incorporating far-reaching lessons for children to learn from, and is in the process of writing the fifth installment in the series.

"I'm an old man living a young life." - Wayne

Wayne is a Michigan author currently writing the third book in his Brisen Chronicles trilogy and has more to come.

Before 2010 Wayne had done little writing at all. In June of that year he awoke one morning from a very strange and powerful dream that he remembered in detail. It was the beginning of an odyssey that still has no end. The creative energy pours out and he writes it down. That's all he can say about technique.

It seems to be working, so he doesn't fool with it.

Wayne has worked with Wynwidyn to publish several novels and anthologies, including: Shift and Meanderings.

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