The Right Fit

Illustrators come in every possible style, quality, price, and type of medium. Finding one with all the right criteria for your manuscript is the challenge.

Whether in need of detailed pen and ink drawings; surreal, realistic, or impressionist art; caricatures, comics, or political cartoons; serious, whimsical, or digitally created by computer; in pastels, water colors, oils, or whatever... there's an illustrator who can render the desired affect you envision will best suit your work. The key is: finding the right one?

Wynwidyn is a Match Maker

Authors should focus on writing the illustrator left to apply interpretive artistry to a project. As your publisher, we’ll help make the right pairing... first by determining the style and medium which best suits your work. Then, we'll suggest a professional illustrator with whom we have confidence. Aside from those profiled, we're always open to considering new and diversified talent. Contact Us.