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Sometimes, it takes more strength to survive. 

Three strangers embark upon a journey.Two people, both seriously contemplating suicide, are compelled to journey halfway across the world to the forest of Jukai. The third, an adrenaline junkie, runs towards new adventures while running from both her past and a confused future. Are they journeys of unavoidable destiny or of discovery? How much is one human life is shaped by those around us? How much is accident; how much is fate? Who can say where the faint line between reality and fantasy, between what is and what might be, is drawn? 

Sometimes, a journey is more about what transpires along the way. 

Sometimes, the journey leads down unanticipated pathways. 

Sometimes, the destination is not what one wanted at all. Or is it?
Five tales of a prince who travels between the worlds of fantasy and reality. 

This book is the prequel to Tales of EverLea. Author Charles Strong, winner of the 2012 Ben Franklin Award for his novel 'Butterflies in Autumn' once again delivers a compelling tale.Some claim she never existed, and that the story of her sinking in Lake Huron waters off Tawas Point with a fortune of copper ingots in her holds was just another sea story. It was just one of the romantic tales told to anyone who would listen and, of course, buy tankards of ale for the old sailors who told the story at the portside saloons they frequented. After all, there is no sailing vessel called the Kitty Reeves in any of the annual Lists of Merchant Vessels of the United States published from 1868 through 1885.And, then thereís the problem with the date the Kitty Reeves supposedly wrecked as she headed downbound from Calumet in Michiganís Keweenaw Peninsula to winter lay-up in Detroit. Some say she sunk during a November storm in 1872. Others say the year was 1882. Whichever, if at all, there is no newspaper account or historical record of the Reeves wrecking in either of those years.

Nonetheless, Julius Roth, 70, a retired Port Clinton, Ohio, grocer, was a believer. He knew the wreck lay just off Tawas Point. He had the letter to prove it. He had the location. He had two copper ingots found next to the wreck. More importantly, he had the faith. 

What he apparently didnít have was either the money or the luck necessary to turn his nearly two-decade long search for the wraithlike ship and her cargo into the treasure trove he knew was there.

This is Juliusí story of his ill-fated treasure hunt and of his five year battle with the Michigan Conservation Department over the fate of a vessel that, in the course of that hunt, he sunk at the old Michigan State Dock in Tawas Bay.

Mara McBain's eagerly awaited next book of the McCade brother's is here!
From a childhood mired in the silent hell of abuse to a life alone on the stage, Adrienne has always shown the world a mask. When her one true friend leaves New York to be a mail-order bride, the story and adventure ignites a longing in Adri that she canít extinguish. 

Visiting Genevieve in Virginia, Adri meets Cole McCade. Heís different than the men sheís known. There is a strength and sincerity about him that makes her trust him and that scares her to death. She feels her mask slipping around this man. How can he make her want to be a better person and make her sinfully hotóall at the same time? 

Cole is the easy-going middle brother, the one who always fills whatever role the family needs. Heís never been passionate about anything or anyone, until the moment he looks into Adrienneís shamrock eyes. His brain is telling him the raven-haired spitfire is out of his league, but his heart is putting up a fight. Adrienne is everything that he has ever wished for. Now, itís just a matter of convincing her that he can be everything she needs. 

"Yesterday's Tiger Heroes" is a history of the 1956 Major League Detroit Tigers and the ball club's players, from All-Stars Al Kaline and Harvey Kuenn to unsung heroes like Wayne Belardi and Buddy Hicks. Unfamiliar readers will learn what baseball meant in the 1950s while those 'who were there' will enjoy a host of fond memories.

With a foreword by Bob Miller and an introduction by David Hillman, this thoroughly researched book is sure to become the 
'go-to'  book for anyone interested in this era of the Detroit Tigers!

by Brenda Pyle

Discover "The Young Hunter," as Sam discovers his feelings about deer hunting. Explore wildlife and nature with Sam and his family as they hunt the elusive white-tailed deer. Share in Sam's hunting adventure as he reveals his experiences in the northern woods of Michigan. This hunting adventure is filled with mishap and excitement ranking above and beyond a good time. Learn a little, laugh a lot and enjoy. An excellent book for children who love the outdoors, want to learn about hunting and the right ways to become a good hunter.

by Dennis Clotworthy

Al Kaline's Last Bat Boy begins with the author's birth in Malta, a country where the national sport is football (soccer). From that unlikely beginning, the tale moves quickly to Detroit, Michigan, where Dennis Clotworthy grows up in the shadow of Briggs / Tiger Stadium. 

Chance combines with personality, ability, and willingness to work, and young Dennis finds himself living out every American boy's dream. Readers watch that dream unfold, first from outside the old ballpark, where Dennis and his buddies play ball in the streets and listen to the legendary Ernie Harwell describe games that are going on just a few feet away. 

When chances come his way to do volunteer work for the home team, Dennis does anything he is asked and does it well enough that he finds that he has a job - when he didn't even know he was looking for one. 

"Bat Boy" chronicles his experiences first as a junior usher in Tiger Stadium, then later as a clubhouse attendant and visitors' bat boy. His promotion to Tiger bat boy is almost inevitable, and if working for the future Hall of Famers who paraded through the visitor's clubhouse was thrilling, finding himself bat boy for his Tiger heroes - people like Norm Cash and Willie Horton and Aurelio Rodriguez and, of course, Al Kaline - is something he cannot quite believe to this day. 

The story moves away from the clubhouse when Dennis is too old to be a bat boy and accepts an assignment in the ticket department, first in sales and eventually in the front office. The first Tiger team he served included many of the '68 World Champions. Before he leaves the organization, the '84 Wire-to-Wire champions will have become the talk of the town. The memories of those days don't ever get old and a great many of them have found their way into this book.

The Bifrost Bridge by James Clarke

If you loved 'Frozen,' you will love this book!
The Bifrost Bridge is a Viking princess fairy tale intertwined with Norse mythology. Silya, the feisty ten year old Princess of Norway, eagerly awaits the arrival of her cousin and best friend, Princess Hedda of Denmark. 

The princesses are both looking forward to the summer solstice celebration, but trouble lurks in their future as magical villains see the girls as being vital for their deadly conspiracy. Hedda and Silya find themselves cast into a dangerous adventure filled with fire giants, female warrior angels and the God of Thunder. Can the princesses save themselves and their kingdoms, or will the forces of chaos overwhelm and destroy them? Age Range: 8 - 12 years

The newest book in the Trinity Falls Series
by Mara McBain:

For years, Kat and Crux have found solace in each other. Neither had a happy childhood, and the scars from those experiences continue to haunt them. When their son, Cam, is born, their family is finally complete and they are determined to give their little boy the best life possible. This should be the happiest time of their lives and a fresh start for their Lords family. There is just one problem: In Trinity Falls, the past never stays buried longÖ 

The bogeyman is real. It's been fifteen years since Kat fled her golden cage but John Merrick has decided itís time she come back to heel. Heís determined to erase the shame Katrina has caused his prestigious family. Maybe even more than that, he wants an heir and sees that chance in Cam. Merrick is a man with wealth, power, and connections in high places, as well as ones filled with unspeakable nightmares and terror. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. 

Not all scars can be seen. The monsterís return casts Kat back into the nightmares of her past and threatens a sometimes fragile hold on sanity. Can her man and the unwavering love of her club sisters help her hold it together? 

Another day, another skeleton. Welcome to life in Trinity FallsÖ 

Reporter From a Small Town 
by Carl Croshatch

Tales of EverLea by Charles Strong

Saga of the 1225 by Wayne Burkhardt

Take a poetic journey on the 1225 from when it ran the rails, to its being stored away, sitting idle and almost forgotten, through refurbishing and now once again ready to do the job it was created to do! Local author and steam engine buff, Wayne Burkhardt has followed the steam trails and answered the call of its whistle in writing this saga to a well beloved engine.

The Purple Morrow by Dyane Forde
The Rovers had been sent to decimate the Southernlands. Instead, they awoke its savior.

Ten years have passed since the Rover army tore through the Southernlands, leaving behind a trail of devastation and death. Most believed the attacks were random acts of brutality. The wise, however, knew the truth: the Rovers sought to destroy the one thing powerful enough to thwart their conquest. They were searching for the Papilion. 

A new commander, bent on completing the mission left unfinished by his predecessors, leads the Rovers back into the Southernlands. Fierce and determined, he comes armed with a precious artifact and a secret purpose. 

While the Southernlands reel under the new terror, the Purple Morrow, a harbinger of hope, appears to Jeru, an unsuspecting and solitary clan hunter. Finding himself enmeshed in a series of incredible events beyond his control, Jeru is compelled to take the first steps towards discovering his ultimate destiny.

Southern Eden by Mara McBain:

Tyler OíGrady canít believe his eyes when the woman steps out of the willows. Her sudden appearance on a private lake and ethereal beauty make him question his belief in mermaids and his sanity. When he greets her on the beach, his vision proves to be real and just as mesmerizing up close. Thereís no doubt the package is perfect, but itís something in her eyes that calls to him. He knows that guys like him donít get girls like Eden, but Gradyís never been afraid of hard work. Can he convince her to give up the glitz and glamour for country life?   

The lake cottage has always been Edenís secret refuge when fashion and flashbulbs become too much. She is dismayed when she discovers the oft absent owners have sold the private lake just when she needs it most. The new owner is a study in contradictions. The hulking ex-jock that strolls down the beach isnít the arrogant ladies man she anticipates. Gradyís humor and humility take her off guard and she finds herself intrigued with the gentle giant. When he invites her to stay, curiosity and a desire to hide from the spotlight make her agree, but it isnít long before itís the man himself making her dream of never leaving.

Trey McCade's never been the cuddly sort, but losing both parents and his wife in eighteen months, nearly rips his heart out. Bitter, he immerses himself in the family farm until practicality demands he look for a new wife. But Trey is understandably gun-shy and the local ladies are leery of the gruff giant. 

On her own in depression-ravaged New York City, Genevieve Kelly has run out of options. Irish luck has graced her with ungainly height and bright copper hair, neither of which has potential suitors beating down her door. When the local priest says he knows a man in Virginia who is looking for a wife, she's skeptical. Yet a few letters later, Genevieve's on her way to wed a man she's never met. With the promise of a solid roof over her head and warm food in her belly, does she really need love too? 

*Author's Note: Trey McCade is not your typical romance hero. He is a gruff man with insecurities and faults. The book is set in the 1930s in a time when gender roles and relationships were different. If you're looking for HEA ... you'll get there, but it's a bumpy ride in McCade's Way.


A delightful mixture of lullaby, children's book, music and fantasy, this picture book is the perfect gift for any new mother or young child. 

Included with the book is a CD containing the fully orchestrated poem, as sung by Candace Chapman, and a second entirely instrumental version for lulling your child to sleep. Listen to the music which sparked the original poem!

In this captivating children's chapter book, the long summer vacation stretches out before Jenna. Bored, she goes exploring in an old barn. When she finds a fish hook in the barn and decides to go fishing with one of her little brothers, it isn't the fish that gets caught!
Children's author, Brenda Pyle once again shows her talents in writing books that appeal to children on every level. Based upon Brenda's adventures as a child, the reader gets the sense that these adventures really happened... and they did!


For most of my long life I didn't think much about it. I heard it occasionally from my teachers, a little bit at home and sometimes out in society. I certainly didn't think about writing it.

Then one day: Loving music, I decided to write my wife a love song. The more I wrote, the more I enjoyed the experience. The song turned out wonderfully for her anniversary... and that was the beginning of Meanderings. I kept writing and writing about anything that came to mind. 
Then one day: Someone read my poems and remarked, "You should put these in a book, they're quite good, you kow."

So I did.


Terror is waiting...

Have you ever thought about an event that could happen in our modern world that would terrify each and every person? Something that would affect you, no matter your race, religion, or circumstance. What if there is something growing right now that we can't see, smell, taste or recognize? Something cruel and unrelenting, waiting for the right moment to strike a monstrous blow to society.

We planted the seed long ago and it has achieved superhuman power. It chooses randomly, without intent, but leaves nothing but devastation in its wake. Inside these pages you will see into the future and find just such a power. Are you willing to take a peek? Keep in mind, once you start reading, you won't be able to stop. It will be too late.


A string of adventures begins for Anna when she can't find one of the socks she must wear as a flower girl in a wedding the next day. Is Anna having silly dreams, as her mother thinks? Or is she visited frequently by strange little beings who have a fondness for socks, thought they borrow only one sock at a time instead of a complete pair. Anna's delightful grandmother, baker of incredible peanut butter cookies, also plays a part in the story's unfolding.

In Peggy Grigowski's chapter book, Anna Meets the Sock Stealer, readers learn what it means to borrow as opposed to stealing, and they learn about honoring differences and living together in harmony despite those differences.


Mox is now a Brawer by blood, but he has never felt more like an outsider. His new place in the family comes at a high cost to the woman who raised him. Teamed with the blood on his hands, secrets and guilt build a wall between them that he doesnít know how to tear down.
  Escaping the tension at home, he ventures out in an ice storm only to find his future huddled beside a dumpster.

Running for her life, Eva ironically, only wants to die. Slipping the chains of her relationship with playboy mobster, Rocco Soriano, she has nowhere to turn. An offer of safe harbor by Mox and his motorcycle brethren buys her time, but she knows the danger theyíre putting themselves in.

Sheís no stranger to the game between a man and a woman, but somewhere along the line, the rules get blurred. Neither Mox, nor Eva, believe love is in the cards for them, but fate disagrees. But then, just when she finds something worth living for, she has to make a choice between his life and hers.


Mara McBain's first book in the Trinity Falls Series, "Club Justice" is now available!

Frustrated by a system that binds his hands yet frees those that prey on the innocent, Detective Zeke Brawer pushes the law to the letter and  beyond. His shooting of a serial rapist brings him under Internal Affairs investigation and makes him the target of a personal vendetta that threatens his career, his family and the motorcycle club he loves.

Club Justice is a tale of justice, brotherhood and family and one man's struggle to stay true to each.

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